Bread and Circuses


This project investigates the socio-political issues surrounding staples as food and the multiple aspects of genetic engineering through the use of a variety of materials from printed X-rays to glass to rice and corn kernels. See Brooklyn Rail and Artefuse.

Images: Umbra, 2015, Archival C-print 56" x 40"; From here is everywhere II, 2016, metal, Plexiglas, rubber, 55" x 48" x 4"; From here is everywhere I, 2016, cement, glass, mirror, copper, aluminum, metal, adhesive, resin, plastic, rubber, paint, mechanical parts, installation 12' x 14';  Detail, From here is everywhere I; River (Yangtze) 2015, grains of rice, pigments, paint, adhesive, metal, canvas, 118” x 26” x 8”; Detail, River (Yangtze); Untitled, 2016, Printed X-rays and photographic images, LED light, Plexiglas, metal and plastic, 14” x 23,” 14” x 17,” 11” x 12.

Naomi Campbell2016