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The collusion between nature and science.



About the Artist

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell is an interdisciplinary artist whose work combines art and science in a wide spectrum of studio and new media art. Known for her work that questions the identity of the individual through the malleable forms of space, Campbell explores the universal ideas of loss, meaning and memory.

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The work explores the collusion between nature and science. Based on nature's sculptured forms Campbell induces new definitions through fragmented objects, bending forms, concepts and connotations of the everyday natural systems.

"I am always looking for something more to be said, something that points to dialogue and questions where we are."




Naomi Andrée Campbell is an instructor of the Contemporary Body in Watercolor at The Art Students League of New York since 2007.

 Much of her interdisciplinary practice emanated from the experimentation that started with this medium.

Campbell’s work has included in almost two hundred national and international exhibitions in museums and galleries. She has four Honorary Signature Memberships and has received four Gold Medals of Honor for her work in national juried exhibitions.

Watercolor Artist magazine highlights the artist on her recent paintings in their October 2017 issue, by writer John A. Parks.

Works below are from 2015-2019, watercolor, ink, work on paper

From current perceptions in biological motion in “The Salient Body” project and investigations from “Food Staples Engineers - The Research Project”. The last two from the earlier A.I. Construction series "Retinal Displacement" project - see Projects), watercolor, acrylic, work on paper, work on canvas, various dimensions from 12 by 24 inches to 4 by 6 feet.


Videography by Jiin Ahn



Public art /

Commissioned works


Permanent public collections holding Campbell’s work include: the City of New York; the City of Irving, Texas; the City of Geochang, South Korea; the New York Public Library; the New York State Museum, NY and the Trenton City Museum, New Jersey. Her many commissions include work for the MTA Arts for Transit, NY, S.W.I.F.T. Pan-Americas (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications Pan-Americas) corporate headquarters in Times Square; Maimonides Hospital, New York City; the ASPCA(American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), New York City and Florida; and LIA (London International Advertising), New York City and London, UK


Animal Tracks

MTA Arts & Design
450 square feet of faceted glass
Bronx Zoo Subway Station, 2,5 line East Tremont, NYC


Documentary video by Eric Breitbart