Naomi Campbell's work explores sense and perception in art and science. Her recent sculptures and installations look at biodiversity of food.

Her work has been described as “potent, visually arresting mnemonics.” by Jonathan Goodman in Sculpture magazine. He states: “Starting with nature’s sculpted forms, she introduces new definitions of the organic and the synthetic through fragmented objects and hybridized systems that follow the concepts and connotations of natural systems.” Ms. Campbell explains everything positively points to the body inherent to its ecological environment. Ms. Campbell has been distinguished as an interdisciplinary artist pioneering new directions in three-dimensional stained glass and watercolor.

Her recent work with Columbia University’s neuroscience lab and its studies with genetic engineering has helped her expand her ongoing investigation into the role of perception in our lives. Campbell's resulting installations explore the fear, loss, power and fragility associated with the ecological environment in the natural world.

"I am always looking for something more to be said, something that points to dialogue and questions where we are."