A Consonant for Noise

Installation exploring the global food crisis. Corn kernels are translated into patterns of communication for the blind through braille. They wrap around the room, listing major global seed banks and their locations in the world.

Naomi Campbell2016
Bread and Circuses

Investigating multiple aspects of genetic engineering through the use of a variety of materials from printed X-rays to glass to rice and corn kernels.

Naomi Campbell2016
Tabula Rasa

The glass bullet contain the ashes of incense as the final by-product of life setting alight and freeing the spiritual body to become a Tabula Rasa once more...

Naomi Campbell2015

Wall mounted litebox
Printed photography and X-ray on Plexiglas, metal, plastic, lighting

Naomi Campbell2013
Homeless myths

Homeless myths and Indigo cries black explores the world of science and art through X-rays -  a tribute to Japan and its power plant workers....

Naomi Campbell2011, 2012

Welded steel twigs line up along a bar to create an XY grid representing a graph. This graph indicates on average how much water a person uses during the course of a normal day.

Naomi Campbell2015
Silent harvest

Silent Harvest was a series of nocturnal landscapes curated by Juan Puntes and Susanne Karbin at White Box Projects. This body of work included 26 small-scale oil paintings, 22 on canvas and board, and 4 on paper, a medium reflecting the artist’s preoccupation with the fragility of life.

Naomi Campbell2010